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Career Insights

"Each individual has unique intelligence, and unique natural gifts—that need to be uncovered."

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Assessment, support, and development for people in transition…


Career Insights is the business and private practice of Norm Meshriy, Master Career Counselor. Norm provides individual services for people in transition. When people need help to assess their unique qualities, brainstorm ideas for application of skills and experience, identify focus for training and development, advance their career, identify an encore career, or plan for starting a business, Career Insights can provide a guiding light. Career Insights provides consultation with individuals seeking personal transition services, and organizations that seek to assist their employees in their career development or redeployment.

Norm Meshriy

Norm Meshriy, Master Career Counselor

Norm Meshriy is a career counselor and counselor educator. Norm's early career involved management in Information Technology for a Fortune 100 company. He earned recognition for leadership and training/development and was selected to represent the division in a Leadership Development Program sponsored by the President/CEO. Norm is proud of his team delivery of 31 week-long programs in California, 5 programs in New York, 6 programs in Bangkok, Thailand (for the managers of 14 countries in Asia), and 6 classes in Selsdon Park, England (for managers of Europe, Middle East, and Africa).

Norm returned to graduate school in the late 80s, and established a private career counseling practice in 1993, with an office in Walnut Creek. Norm has consulted with an outplacement firm in San Francisco and is now a Distance Credentialed Counselor for the University of Phoenix. He teaches masters-level classes in counseling at San Francisco State University and is author of the book Thinking Outside the Cubicle: How to Change the Job You Have Into the Job You Want.