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Career Insights

Each person is unique and has a unique worldview—that must be respected.

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Satisfaction in the work we do is dependent on the degree to which we can make use of our natural gifts, and employ skills, and abilities that bring us enjoyment.

A career can be made up of many different jobs/ventures, but there are themes to one's life work that can be derived that are ideally in concert with the totality of their being.

Work and other parts of the lives of individuals are intertwined; all parts of life need to be in concert with who we are.

Services provided:

Self Assessment for Career Direction

You are very unique and have many personal qualities that include your values, personality, skills, and interests. Career Insights makes use of best instruments to provide feedback to you to help define the criteria for your career decision making. Through this assessment process you will be reminded of some of those very deep and rich facets of you that may be quieted by your busy life, work, and relationships. Such work can provide you with a fresh outlook, strategies for showcasing your unique characteristics, and energy to get out there to the right situations and people to take your career to the next level.

Job Search Skills and Strategies

The world of work is experiencing an accelerated rate of change. The influx of new technology, the requirements for new skills and knowledge, emerging industries, organizational evolution, and a host of other dynamics are having major effect on the world of work. The job search involves a more complex set of variables than in any time in history. Career Insights can provide job search strategies to simplify the process, enhance the probability of finding good work, and get you where you need to be to see what is out there for you.

Transition Services

Many get to a point in their career where change is necessary. You have had good experience and have developed many transferrable skills, but what you are doing may not be as rewarding as you want and need it to be. Career Insights can help you to cull from your experience the skills that you most enjoy expressing, and help you to showcase those skills for new opportunities much more in concert with who you are. It may seem daunting to make the kind of change you desire, but with some re-crafting of your marketing material, success stories to showcase your transitional skills, and coaching to enhance your presentation, you will make that desired transition!

Interview Preparation

An interview is typically a short period of time in which you need to present your background and skills efficiently, and in most favorable light for the job at hand. Career Insights provides the kind of preparation necessary to proceed to such events with the content and confidence to impress. With an ever-vigilant oversight of the hiring marketplace, Career Insights offers understanding of the interview process, interviewer strategies, and best strategies for handing the dynamics of the interview.

Resume Writing

It may seem very difficult to sort through your life, work, education, and training to find just the right information to present a concise, attractive written synopsis for a potential employer. Career Insights provides the objective viewpoint of a listener, a writer of resumes, and someone who cannot help but see the good in others. Through the stories of your experiences, the Career Insights resume writer can glean skills, strengths, accomplishments, and themes; all of which can be used to present an attractive, effective resume.

Cover Letters

The cover letter provides a job applicant with an opportunity to showcase themes and personal characteristics most germane to the job at hand, and assert the power of these unique personal attributes to the potential for success and contribution to the organization. There are key points to a well-crafted cover letter that tend to seduce the reader’s interest, increasing the probability that s/he will take the letter and resume forward in the hiring process.

Salary Negotiation

Success in establishing the compensation you will receive for the work requested requires good understanding of a great number of variables that come from industry sources, job comparisons, level of responsibility, and a myriad of compensation strategies. Career Insights can provide you with strategies that allow you to anticipate questions, provide thoughtful responses, and take advantage of timing and leverage opportunities available to you.

Leadership Development

Leadership can be found in every position. As people mature in jobs and careers, all tend to develop valuable knowledge and experience. At various junctures in careers, each person can experience the need to pass on what s/he has learned to others in need of such experience, techniques, approaches to problems and situations. In this way, leadership is available to all of us. Career Insights provides insight into the dynamics of best practices for leadership and leadership development. Career Insights has been helpful to individuals who have successfully pursued technical, managerial, and executive leadership opportunities.

Workplace Conflicts

Most jobs require significant interaction with others. We are not often alone in our projects and operations. There are often dependencies that exist to accomplish goals, and not everyone will seem to be cooperative. Career Insights can provide unique strategies and coaching to deal with work relationships that are not effective.

Conflict with the Boss

Some of the most difficult work problems occur when one is not comfortable with his/her relationship with “the boss.” Career Insights can be help to you in developing successful strategies for dealing with such situations. It is important for you to feel that your work is appreciated and that you get the kind of feedback you need to be successful.


An ideal for many is to develop a unique solution that would require the building of a business. Such an enterprise would provide avenue(s) for income sources, would allow for the expression of most prized skills, and would allow you to make your unique contribution to individuals, organizations, the community, or to the world at large. Career Insights can help you to define the unique enterprise that would allow you to be yourself, express your unique gifts, and take full control of your life and your career.

Distance Career Counseling and Career Coaching

Career Insights provides distance services to clients outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. All in-person services provided by Career Insights have been adapted to distance methods for delivery of information, counseling services by telephone, Skype, Internet, email, text, and other media.

Outplacement Services

Career Insights has provided outplacement services for more than 20 years. Such organizational services are available to businesses interested in helping employees through transition when affected by reorganization, downsizing, mergers, acquisitions, closures, and other situational contributors to reductions in staffing needs.