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Career Insights

The most important information in our decisions comes from within; we are not taught to listen to our inner feelings, but these can be the most important indicators for our decisions.

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Client Testimonials

Thank you Norm, for the guidance, encouragement and reminders of where my strength lies and where I have the highest chance of succeeding and enjoying the work. I can attest to the fact that the tools and guidance you provide truly helped me in finding a job I enjoy." —Erwin

Thank you so much for your time and guidance. Our conversations were very informative, inspiring and even comforting. Obviously I have been out of the job pool for a long time and it's a whole new world to try and conquer. Your advice and suggestions helped me feel more confident and assured that I can figure out this next personal journey. I'll keep you posted!" —Kelly

You were so instrumental in helping me realize my potential and what I actually am capable of. You reminded me of my value. That's priceless. Working with you was money well spent. You will be getting a five star review on Yelp very shortly!" —Luciana

Doing the success stories helped me to gain greater confidence just by the very activity of focusing on what I do well. It's easy to get lost in the details of how much there is to learn and in the contrast between myself and a seasoned practitioner. So thanks again for all of your help. I will continue to stay in touch and seek your assistance as needed." —Amy

I got the job!!! I am so grateful for your assistance, insights and support. Thank you so very much. Arigato, mahalo, merci, gracias, gracie, danke. I'll let you know how things transpire soon. Again, thank you so much." —Maye

You really encouraged me me to stop being ashamed and do more networking to get the job I deserve as a social worker with a master's degree. I took your advice and began contacting people that could help guide me with finding a good job. Thank you for your career advice, and the awesome resume you did for me. I have received so many positive comments regarding the resume. I will let people know about your services if they get into a rut like I did." —Roisha

Thank you Norm! You have been greatly helpful to find my inner strengths and letting me know. It's nice to know someone else telling you that." —Yusuf

Thank you very much for all your encouragement and support. The best thing that I ever did in the job world was make an appointment to see you." —Elaine, MD

As I've taken my resume out over the last year and added more and more publishing credits to it, I can't help but be reminded of you and all the help you gave me on that document three years ago. Thank you so much for all your help! I couldn't have launched my freelance writing and teaching career without your help." —Karen

I received the draft of my resume. Thank you so much! it looks awesome!"

Thank you for assisting me with the response to the work appraisal. I really appreciate it." —Elizabeth

Thank you again for opening my head and heart to the opportunities that were waiting for me! I hope all is well in your world as well." —J

"Norm is a great Career Counselor. He's not just a counselor but became a life long friend of mine after we met. He taught me great skills in job search and resume writing. I highly recommend Norm as your Career Counselor if you you are looking for a job."

I wanted to let you know you totally inspired me. After you told me your story about starting a new career, I felt as if there was hope for me outside the title industry. You are a truly sincere and very smart man. If I had never met you, I would still be thinking inside my cubicle." —Bree

I thought you might find it interesting that the LinkedIn and the planned happenstance strategy ended up being pretty useful. The ENTP article also inspired me to start taking acting classes. One of the stories was of an entrepreneur who planned to be a character actor. I never thought I cold have more than one career. It turns out I've got a decent presence and am having tons of fun in class. I appreciate all the help you gave me and I will definitely keep in touch." —Brett

Thank you for the great advice on my resume. I think the outline for the cover letter is excellent and I will put it to good use. Fantastic tool!" —Heidi